Super Wire
ICS sintered Super Wire provides a proven and economical way to cut fast in concrete and concrete with light steel. Designed to provide smooth operation and extremely efficient use of the diamonds, ICS Super Wire saves you time and money and get you on to the next job quickly. Available in 50 and 100 ft lengths.

50 ft length P/N 571315
100 ft length P/N 571346
ICS Specs S14

Available in North America only.

For additional information, or to purchase Pentruder products, please contact ICS customer service 800.321.1240 or your local sales representative.


  • Low noise and vibration
  • Almost no limit to cutting depth compared with a diamond blade
  • Wires can be used virtually anywhere
  • Designed to ensure compatibility with common connectors and crimping tools
  • 11 mm sintered diamond beads for fast cutting


Bead Type Sintered
Wet Cut Yes
Dry Cut Yes
Wire Speed 22 (m/s)
Max Wire Tension 300 (kg/ft)
Max Temp (dry saw) 100 C
Number of Beads 40/m (40 beads per meter)
Bead Diameter 11 mm
Bead Width 6.5 mm
Bead to Bead Separation 25
Cable Diameter 4.8 mm


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