CBK HF Wall Saw
With its high performance HF-motor and the quick disconnect blade coupling, the Pentruder CBK is an extremely user-friendly saw. The spindle speed is electronically varied with the potentionmeter and the saw handles blades up to 63". This saw offers a combination of easy handling and a good power-to-weight ratio—all at an attractive price.

Available through ICS in North & South America only.

For additional information, or to purchase Pentruder products, please contact ICS customer service 800.321.1240 or your local sales representative.



Maximum blade diameter 63 inches
Maximum cutting depth 28 inches
Maximum out-of-cut diameter 36 inches
Saw blade motor (30 HP HF-motor) 400 Hz High Frequency Motor
Max continuous output power 30 HP with Pentpak 427
Spindle speed under load 600 - 1000 rpm @ 300-500 Hz *
Saw head weight 53 lbs
Weight (30 HP HF-motor) 34 lbs

* Continuously variable from 70 - 100%, set potentiometer to control speed


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