3P8 Wire HF Saw
The Pentruder 3P8 wire saw offers extraordinary performance and virtually unlimited sawing depths. The electric automatic feed not only makes the start of the wire simple, but it extends the lifetime of the wire. With a quick and easy setup, thanks to the modular, low weight design, this saw is suitable for both small and large jobs.

Available through ICS in North & South America only.

For additional information, or to purchase Pentruder products, please contact ICS customer service 800.321.1240 or your local sales representative.



Drive motor power 400 Hz High Frequency Motor
Max continuous output power 25 HP
Storage in rollers 21 feet
Storage capacity 8 feet of wire pulled in for each
1 foot travel of the carriage
Maximum approximately 65 feet
Main drive pulley diameter 20 inches
Storage pulleys diameter 8 inches O.D.


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