Concrete Cutting

For hand sawing, floor sawing, wall or wire sawing, we have the brands you’re looking for and the performance you expect. ICS, Merit, and Pentruder lead the industry in performance and innovation.

701A Pneumatic Power Cutter

890F4 Flush Cut Hydraulic Power Cutter

890F4 Hydraulic Power Cutter

695XL Gas Power Cutter

680ES Gas Power Cutter

FORCE3® Series Diamond Chains

FORCE4® Series Diamond Chains

FORCE4® Cross-LINK® Chain

FORCE4® Texas Chain

M100-30H-P Flat Saw

M100W-10E-P Flat Saw

M100W-23G-P Flat Saw

M250-30H-SP Flat Saw

M250-23G-SP Flat Saw

M250-10E-SP Flat Saw

M350-38G Flat Saw

M350-20E Flat Saw

M400-30E Flat Saw

M400-50G Flat Saw

M400SS-50G Flat Saw

M400SS-30E Flat Saw

M600EX-61G Flat Saw

M600SS-61G Flat Saw

M800EX-87G Flat Saw

CBK HF Wall Saw

8-20 HF Wall Saw

3P8 HF Wire Saw

Pentruder Remote Controls

Finish Wire

Heavy Concrete Wire

Hybrid Wire

Steel Wire – Fast Cutting

Steel Wire – Longer Lasting

Super Wire

CW630 HF Chain Saw