PowerGrit® Utility Power Cutters & chains
Utilizing a brazed-layer diamond coating on a patent-pending chain design, coupled with an extremely durable chain platform, PowerGrit technology provides dramatically improved access to the cut with far less excavation. Single-side access reduces excavation time, operator effort, and total time to complete the job.
680ES-PG Pipe Cutting Power Cutters
  • Affordably Priced
  • Easy-to-start
695XL Pipe Cutting Power Cutters
  • Lower engine temperature
  • Easy-to-tune carburetor
890PG Pipe Cutting Power Cutters
  • Designed for heavy use
  • Also operates ProFORCE™ chain
701A Pipe Cutting Power Cutters
  • No fumes
  • Also operates ProFORCE™ chain
New! PowerGrit® XL Pipe Cutting Chains
  • Improved cutting performance
  • Faster cutting speed
PowerGrit® Pipe Cutting Chain
  • Brazed-layer diamond coating
  • Durable chain platform
Pipe Clamp
  • Creates more accurate cuts
  • Reduces operator effort
Portable Water Tank
  • Holds up to 25 gallons
  • Fits any regular hose

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