Pentruder® wall, wire & handheld saws
Pentruder wall saws, wire saws and power packs are the gold standard of concrete-cutting equipment. Made from quality components and chosen for their reliability and longevity, Pentruder products are designed to make the job of the operator easier and more efficient.
6-10 HF Wall Saw
  • Lightweight
  • Expandable
3P8 HF Wire Saw
  • High-power, high-torque motor
  • Optimal force applied to wire
8-20 HF Wall Saw
  • 4-speed gear box
  • Heavy-duty connectors
CBK HF Wall Saw
  • Easy removal of HF motor
  • Quick-disconnect blade coupling
Pentpak 427 HF-PowerPack
  • Drives multiple HF machines
  • No high-peak loads

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