Concrete pipe tap

Concrete pipe tap

While ICS® concrete power cutters won’t cut round circles, they can easily make 8-sided cuts, providing quick, tight fitting joints for concrete pipe taps. With proper technique, gaps of less than 1” (2.5 cm) are easily achievable, requiring very little patchwork. The same job with a cut-off saw takes longer, results in overcuts, and requires the use of potentially damaging percussive tools to finish the work.


1. Carefully score cut all 8 cuts – 3 minutes.


2. Plunge straight into all 8 sides in a stitching method working from the center to both ends of each cut – 12 minutes.


3. The result: A pipe tap with less than one inch gap installed, no over-cutting or cracking from percussive tools

Note: Proper attention to layout and keeping the bar perpendicular to the pipe are important for
tight joints.

Total elapsed time: 15 minutes.